• Portable and Travel-Friendly - The 1.05 litre capacity Lunch Box comes with a handy spoon inside, the electric lunch box also features a heat resistant carry handle, making transportation to college, university or workplace easy
  • Separate Compartments - The heating Lunch Box features 2 heated compartments, and a separate removable container, allowing you to store, transport, and heat up a wide variety of foods including soup, pasta, rice, spaghetti, stews or vegetables and so on
  • Steam Vent - With the food warmer, there is a removable vent cover which reveals a steam vent to allow your food to breathe. Consequently, the food retains its intended flavour and texture whilst being cooked evenly throughout
  • Detachable Cord - The Lunch Box features a plug cover where the detachable power cable is inserted, so the cord can be stored separate to the lunch-box
  • Portable Food Warmer - Such a electric lunch box is a good accompliment especially in your working day, you are free to heat a wide range of home prepared meals right at your desk, or elsewhere

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Electric Lunch Box

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