Renumax     scratch remover, 100 ml.

The Renumax® scratch remover can be used for the removal of scratches on a variety of varnishes on boats, cars or motorbikes.The Renumax scratch remover is very easy to use and very efficient on superficial scratches.

Quick and easy removal of damage and scratches on your car, boat or motor cycle in just a few minutes.
Repair your car paint without tools.
The foam head adapts perfectly to all surfaces and can be used to repair all kinds of scratches.
Renumax efficiently removes surface scratching.

The surface to treat must be wiped clean before use.
Shake the Renumax scratch remover and treat the respective area with the integrated foam head.
Let the treated surface dry so that the micro particles in the Renumax fill in the scratches.
Finally, polish off with a soft, dry cloth.And you’re done.

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Renumax Scratch Remover (100 Ml)

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