Benice Facial Sauna Spa For Clear Skin 100 W
Elegant, compact size and simple to use
Effective solution for easy skin care at home
Designed with two gums for the face and nose, which is the ideal tool to care for your face
Suitable for all skin types
Helps you to keep skin clean, smooth, no acne, dust
Is also effective against colds and treatments, preventing respiratory diseases
Led light
2 high and low vapor control functions at will
You can use bottled or tap water and add different flavors, oils and essences
Effective in hydrating, intensive cleaning and improving circulation
Respiratory therapy with the use of steam
Relaxation and rejuvenation for the face and neck
Perfectly clean face and neck
Treatment of airway
Power: 100 W. 220 V

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Benice Facial Steamer For Clear Skin 100 W

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