• The number of people who suffer from lumbar pain keeps on increasing over the years! It is the pain you feel from lower 
  • back and extends to your legs. There are a variety of reasons why people get this sickness • Strain muscles • Obesity • 
  • Pregnancy • Bending • Repetitive stooping • Smoking • Spinal problems It is one of the causes for many workers availing 
  • of sick leaves for days. Lumbar back pain is a sickness that makes people visit their respective doctors so often. Why 
  • allow it to affect your health and your job when there is the best solution to help you be relieved from the pain. The 
  • lumbar belt is made from tourmaline magnetic heat. It comes in yellow and black colors with sizes M and L. 
  • It fits all sizes so everyone can wear it to support their back pain. It also includes fish line cloth, Velcro magnet 
  • and elastic fabric. Always remember to use this belt only for short period of time and with your doctor's advice to be 
  • safe.

  • DESIGNED TO HEAL: This lumbar belt is designed to support your lower back muscles, strengthen the loosened muscles, align your posture, and reduce the muscle inflammation and pain. It prevents further injury to the waist
  • HEALING PROPERTIES: The tourmaline stones and magnets in this belt transmit heat to your knotted and strained muscles due to long seating/standing positions (including injury, pregnancy, or obesity

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Lumbar Brace (Lower Back muscles Support)

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