16 in 1 Spice Rack Cutlery Holder Rotating Condiments Jars Shelf Organizer

Plastic Container Details

Colour Red / Maroon / Green (Random Pick up or buyer may put note the colour but if not available we change without notice)

Body Material Plastic

Finish Transparent

Design Plain

No. of Pieces 16

Freezer Safe Yes

Additional Details

16 in 1 Spice Mate

100% Food Grade

Elegance of Perfection

Created from durable Plastic

Convenient Spice Shells Pick & Shift Lid

100% BPA Free

100% Air Tight & Microwave Safe

Dishwasher Safe & Stackable

Enjoy Healthy Food Filtering the Liquid Like Oils, Sweeteners, Excess Water from your Foods.

Plastic Type: ABS

Size: 17*17*26.5cm

Box size: 18*19*30cm

weight: 1.3kg (Base on Volume matrix and packing)

Multi-Purpose Wonder Chopper

100% Food Grade Multi-Purpose Wonder Chop

400 ml Capacity, rota technology chops an amazing 16 times with every pull

The Ultimate for preparing salsa, salads sauces, chutney & soups

Easy to clean, sturdy container with cap

Attachment Provided : Grater, Shredder, Slices, Julienne Slices

Package Contents

1x  Spice Rack

16 x Jar


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Spicy Storage Jar (16pcs)

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