1. New ergonomic structure capable of effective massage of the foot arch.

2. Due to toxins and uric acid crystals buildup in the body reflex zones, often foot reflex zone massage, crystals of uric acid is excreted by the kidney, thus greatly reduce harmful toxins, blood has become cleaner and healthier. It helps to prevent hardening of the arteries, strengthening the function of the five Zang-organs, making the body more healthy.

3. The use of the new Knicks, can make your waist, chest, legs, and abdominal workout, so as to beautify body curves, enhanced the role of the elasticity of the skin.

To use 

1. When you sit in the Office, or at home while watching TV, reading, feet on the hips often foot reflex zone massage, can effectively reduce fatigue and promotes good health.

2. With her arms outstretched, across the head, twisted 5-10 minutes a day, the role of lipid, body posture so as to achieve the breast.

3. Open arms, one arm straight down, the other arm straight up, and then twist around, repeat the exercise, you can lose waist and abdominal fat.

4. Vertical deflection, and then twist around, which helps increase lung capacity.


Special Safety Notes

1. Please do not use within 30 minutes of vigorous exercise after meals.

2. Please do not use on slippery, uneven ground.

3. Inflammation of bone trauma, surgery or not cannot be used.

4. Please consult your doctor before use in patients with heart disease, and using twisting speed from slow to fast, makes the heart gradually adapt, avoid sudden load.

5. Strength is weak or novice must be someone to help you or hold other arm under the conditions of use.

6. Pregnant women avoided.

7. Overweight people with extreme caution (Maximum 100kg)

8. Action to avoid excessive, lest gravity instability or wrestling.

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