Chariots Speed Pipes Racing Car

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The various forms of pipe speed turn into a happy and happy child.
1 develop social skills
2 hand training capacity
3 exercise creativity
ABS material, non-toxic and harmless, colorless and tasteless, resistant to falls and resistant to treading, is the child's best playmate, a variety of play styles, give the baby a happy childhood
Variety of tracks: exercise children's DIY ability, develop brain power, play ability is very strong, unlimited sewing car dual frequency control speed
In the game, the night is more colorful and the belt is propelled by the flashing ball.
DIY pipes, the more accessories, the longer the connection, the more fun you play, the better your imagination.
Cold light
The speed car and cosmic flash ball will emit cool lights when the car is flying fast in the pipeline.
Especially colorful, noisy at night

When controlling the AB channel, you need to control the car with the remote control first, then turn it on and then turn it off, then take out another car and remote control to modulate the other channel, and then start, so that it can control the dual frequency. (One remote control can also control multiple cars at the same time)
Tips: Don't change channels frequently.

Notes on piping installation:
Curved pipes must be mounted precisely so that the vehicle can function properly in its pipeline. Carefully organize? Line up all the brackets with all the slots and then snap together.
After the pipes break together, check that the ends of the pipes are round and that the edges are aligned correctly.
Don't get stuck

Package Included:
Car remote control * 1
Remote control * 1
Flash ball * 1
Curved Pipes * 6
Connectors * 8
Straight Pipe * 2

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